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Welcome, I'm Pamela, the heart behind Baby Blessings Doula & Lactation Specialist, nestled in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. With over three decades as a nurse, and a DONA-trained Birth/Postpartum Doula and certified Lactation Specialist, I've had the honor of attending over 150 childbirths and guiding many families through their postpartum journey.

As a mama of four and nonna of two (with another one on the way), I bring both professional expertise and personal empathy to my practice. My mission is to cultivate a nurturing sanctuary where mothers and their families feel supported and empowered.

I deeply cherish the role of holding space for my clients, ensuring they feel safe and secure as they navigate the profound journey of motherhood. With a sincere passion for caring, my commitment is to provide unwavering support to mothers, babies, siblings, and partners throughout their sacred time during their postpartum period.

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